(also known as Reproduction Specialist):

Our Theriogenologist is board certified by the American College of Theriogenologists as a veterinary reproduction specialist. The American College of Theriogenologists (ACT) is a veterinary specialty organization, recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association, as the organization certifying veterinarians as specialists in Theriogenology (veterinary reproduction).

Purposes of the ACT are:

1. To establish requirements for postgraduate education and clinical training as prerequisites to ACT certification.

2. To examine potential candidates for admission to the ACT. Successful candidates demonstrate advanced knowledge and expertise in Theriogenology.

3. To promote undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in Theriogenology.

4. To promote research and scientific investigation in Theriogenology.

5. To provide training for clinical service in Theriogenology including medical and surgical management of reproductive disorders in male and female animals including urology, obstetrics, endocrinology, perinatology, pathology, oncology, pharmacology, epidemiology, assisted reproductive technologies and herd reproductive management.

6. To disseminate information to all veterinarians through continuing education and publications.

-What is a Theriogenologist?

A Theriogenologist is a veterinarian who has advanced training and expertise in animal reproduction. They are recognized as a specialist by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Dr. Jacques Fuselier is a board certified Theriogenologist, with emphasis in ruminant reproduction. You can find more information at

-What if there are no theriogenologists in my area?

You can visit to find a specialist closest to you or have your veterinarian refer you to one that they trust.

-What is an ABVP specialist

An ABVP specialist is a veterinarian that has undergone advanced training and passed a rigorous certification exam process. They are recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association as a specialist in a certain practice category. Dr. Jacques Fuselier is a board certified specialist in Food Animal Practice. Find out more at


Dr. Fuselier is a Board Certified Theriogenologist with special interest in livestock reproduction.


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