Trueperella pyogenes in Deer

Trueperella pyogenes

This bacterium is a common cause of abscesses and pneumonia in deer. It commonly causes abscesses on the face, ears, neck, lungs, and lymph nodes.


-What is Trueperella pyogenes?

It is a type of bacteria that causes abscesses in many parts of the body, such as the lungs, mouth, skin, and liver.

-How is Trueperella pyogenes transmitted in Deer?

This organism is a normal inhabitant of the intestinal tract of deer, cattle, sheep, and goats. Therefore, deer usually get exposed to it from being in a contaminated environment. They  can get infected by eating contaminated feed or dirt, as well as exposure to open wounds.

-Symptoms of Trueperella pyogenes:

1. Abscesses, especially of the mouth, legs and lymph nodes

2. Lameness

3. Pneumonia

-Is Trueperella pyogenes contagious?

Yes, but usually via environmental contamination.

-Risk factors of this disease:

1. Keeping infected animals in the same pen as healthy animals

2. Keeping deer with cattle, sheep, or goats

3. Group housing fawns on dirt or other surface that cannot be easily cleaned.

4. Reusing needles from one deer to the next.

-How serious is Trueperella pyogenes?

It usually causes a localized infection that is easy to manage if properly diagnosed and properly treated. If it is not treated early or if it gets into the lungs or other organs, it can be life-threatening.

-Can Trueperella pyogenes impact my herd, or just affect one animal?

It usually affects only a few adult deer at a time. However, it can rapidly spread through a group of fawns.



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