White-Tailed Deer Antibiotics

White-Tailed Deer Antibiotics, 

Don't hesitate to have them provided in your herd.

Deer Antibiotics for White-Tailed Deer aren't used to treat viruses, only prevent them.

White-Tailed Deer antibiotics are an important aspect of deer herds and all farmers are strongly urged to develop a relationship with a veterinarian that is familiar with Deer antibiotics and federal regulations. The USDA considers White-tailed deer as “food animals” and are, therefore, subject to the same regulations as our other domestic food animals (sheep, cattle, etc.).  Only licensed veterinarians can prescribe antibiotics for use in deer. Different antibiotics work in different ways and treat different bacterial diseases. Therefore, appropriate antibiotic selection is the best chance for speedy recovery. It is important to note that antibiotics in deer have no effect on viruses and should not be used for viral diseases. Antibiotics treatment should be administered in a preventative manner, at the right time, if full efficacy is desired.


-What are antibiotics?

Antibiotics refer to a certain type of medicine intended to aid in the clearance of certain types of bacterial infections. Their goal is to lower the amount of bacteria infecting an animal in order to help the animal’s immune system fight the infection. Antibiotics DO NOT work with viruses.

-The importance of Antibiotics in Deer

As in any other animal, antibiotics are often necessary to help deer fight bacterial infections.

-Commonly needed Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed based on the findings of the veterinarian’s examination.

-Things to know about Deer Antibiotics

Deer are considered as “Food Animals” and are subject to federal rules regarding antibiotic use. Because of this, it is important that a veterinarian who is familiar with federal rules and regulations prescribes the appropriate antibiotics. For example, it is illegal to use Baytril in deer.

-Are most antibiotics effective?

It depends on the type of bacterial infection. Some antibiotics only work on a few specific bacteria, while others work on a wide variety of bacteria.

-Where do I get antibiotics for my herd?

You must get antibiotics prescribed for your deer from a licensed veterinarian with whom you have a Valid Client-Patient Relationship.

-Should I consult a vet about this?


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