Deer E coli and its effects

Deer E Coli and its effects

A Common issue with Louisiana White-Tailed Deer

Deer E coli is a common cause of illness in fawns. They are usually exposed to E. coli in their environment. Deer E Coli can cause diarrhea, pneumonia, and joint infections. Some fawns develop widespread infection from this bacterium and often causes death. These fawns often become very weak, loose their appetite and rapidly die. Proper management and a clean fawning environment decreases the exposure to E. coli.


-What is E. Coli?

E. Coli is a type of bacteria usually found in the feces and urine of deer, cattle, etc.

-How do deer get E. Coli?

They get exposed to it in the environment because of the fecal contamination. Fawns and adult deer can get infected through exposure to open wounds, broken skin, or eating contaminated feed or grass.

-What are early warning signs of E. Coli?

There are not many early warning signs unique to E. Coli. They often have a decreased appetite and some may develop diarrhea.

-Symptoms of E. Coli:

1. Lethargy

2. Decreased appetite

3. Cloudy eyes

4. Neurologic signs

5. Diarrhea

6. Death

-Is E. Coli contagious?

It is not contagious from deer to deer per se. It can be spread in the feces of one deer and infect another deer that gets exposed to it.

-Risk factors of this disease:

1. Dirty, contaminated environment

2. Contaminated tools and equipment

-How serious is E. Coli?

In stressed deer or fawns, it can be life threatening.

-Can it impact my herd, or just affect one animal?

It can affect as few as one deer or the whole group.



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