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Campylobacter in Cattle

Campylobacter (Campylobacter fetus sp. venerealis, Campy, Vibrio) Campylobacter fetus is another sexually transmitted disease in cattle. It is also commonly referred to as Campy or Vibrio. Like Trich, bulls infected with Campylobacter do not show clinical signs of being infected. Infected bulls will infect cows at the time of breeding. These cows will lose their…
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Trich (Tritrichomonas foetus) in cattle

Trich (Tritrichomonas foetus)    Trich is, as it is commonly referred to, a sexually transmitted disease of cattle. Bulls are carriers of this disease and do not show signs of being infected. At the time of breeding, infected bulls will infect cows. These cows will then infect other bulls that breed her, and the vicious cycle…
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Lameness in Cattle

Lameness in Cattle (Founder, crippled, laminitis, hoof problems)   Lameness is the general term used to describe an animal that is having difficulty walking due to pain, usually in the foot/hoof. There are many causes of lameness, such as injury, founder, grain overload, abscesses, hoof cracks, laminitis, to name a few. If not treated properly…
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